Yonina Eisenberg

Four Ways an Internal Social Business Network Can Benefit Your Company

Everything is going social these days – especially business. Internal social business networks can really help make your day at the office more efficient, productive, and pleasant. Here are four ways in which these collaboration tools can benefit you and your company:

1. Create a corporate community

You can easily lose the feeling of community within an organization when everyone sits alone at a desk all day long. An internal social business network essentially brings the entire corporation to an employee’s desk. This allows employees to feel connected to the larger corporate community, even while working individually.

2. Enhance internal communication

You can also create a cyber version of the more specific communities that already exist within your corporation, such as departments and project teams. Acting as an extension of the traditional conference room, these small forums encourage continued communication amongst coworkers and provide a great supplement to team meetings. They also ensure that there is one particular place where collaborators can ask questions, share necessary materials, and find all the information that they need.

3. Know your people

Individuals can build profiles, informing coworkers of the true meaning behind there job titles. This allows employees to learn about what their coworkers actually do in the company, enabling coworkers to get to know each other on a deeper professional level. In addition, you can see who actively participates in online knowledge sharing and which topics specific coworkers respond to. This way, employees know who to turn to for help and can therefore easily harvest as much information as possible from their coworkers throughout the company.

4. Manage your company’s knowledge

The above benefits of incorporating an internal social business network into your organization all help you manage your company’s knowledge. These aspects foster knowledge sharing by providing an easy form of communication, as well as by clarifying where exactly in the company to turn for help. Most importantly with regards to knowledge management, once employees share information within the online forums, these networks can store the knowledge and ensure that employees can access the information for future use, as well.

Internal social business networks truly enhance the communication and knowledge sharing capabilities within a company. These benefits are so fundamental to the success of any company – it’s no wonder that so many businesses these days are incorporating these tools into their everyday lives at the office.