Josh Breiger

Sales Knowledge Management: Increasing Search Efficiency

Finding relevant information is a big problem for the Sales department. Almost 9 out of 10 (89 percent) of Sales reps miss opportunities because they can’t keep up with prospect information according to a survey conducted by CSO Insights. Clearly there is a need to be able to sort through big data and find appropriate information and answers. If a Sales team has the right tools to do this, they can gain a huge competitive advantage. Used correctly, social enterprise platforms can provide this tool and allow companies to find information quickly.

Social enterprise platform’s collaboration capabilities can be very helpful in finding information. Each sales teams contains experts in certain areas. To work in the best way possible, teams need to be able to pair a question with the right expert. Instead of forcing employees to inefficiently search blogs, wikis or use word of mouth to find the correct expert, there are tools which help to search for you. For example, Solvepath a social Q & A system for business, allows the user to tag and notify an expert of a question.

If users don’t know which topics or experts to tag, then Solvepath creates tags for them. This helps Sales teams use expert’s knowledge to give answers to prospects quickly and effectively.

Reps can also be a step ahead because of the social structure of the system. They can learn from others about the latest on company developments and updates on products. Collaboration allows reps to know prospect’s questions before they are even asked.

Q & A systems also increase the effectiveness of information searches by limiting search redundancy. Often times, prospects have similar questions and therefore it can be very beneficial to have access to a database of questions.  Solvepath helps Sales reps by providing a constantly updating massive database which provides this information.

One of the largest barriers to an efficient search is information overload. Without an effective system, reps are forced to search for the answers to questions in many different places like Google, Twitter and the company’s CRM. Solvepath’s allows Sales to not only receive the benefit of Solvepath’s capabilities, but also with the click of a button the integration of other useful sales tools like Salesforce, Jive and LinkedIn. Instead of hopelessly searching and using many different services, Solvepath puts everything you need in one place.

Sales teams need help constructively handling information. A platform like Solvepath provides this help by giving Sales teams the ability to find and use relevant information in a productive way.