Josh Breiger

Knowledge Transfer in Fast Growing Companies

Say you are a rapidly growing company adding two or three employees a week. Or your company just went through a merger and now has countless new employees who need to be put up to speed. If your company has experienced this kind of rapid growth, there can be problems for both upper management and human resources. Upper management, must find out how to facilitate knowledge sharing between employees. HR must figure out how to quickly and effectively train many new workers. To help with these problems, both HR and upper management should make a good knowledge transfer system a priority.

In a fast growing company, upper management must find a way for information to be shared quickly with many new people. But this is difficult because the arrival of new employees creates uncertainty over who knows what. Upper management must find a way to transfer knowledge by helping employees who need to learn skills find employees who can teach these skills. Senexx’s Solvepath can help accomplish this. Solvepath rapidly connects users with the correct internal expert through tagging. Employees can tag relevant people or ideas to a question they have. Even if someone can’t think of the appropriate tag, Solvepath can create automatic tags to help connect you to an expert. By using Solvepath as a tool for knowledge transfer, employees will discover who possesses which expertise and connect with them.

The rapid arrival of new employees makes effective HR techniques more of a priority. With so many new employees, HR needs to avoid being overwhelmed by training and onboarding. Knowledge transfer can be a critical help. Knowledge transfer allows old employees to teach new employees required skills. Without knowledge transfer, someone in HR likely lacking the required experience is forced to try and explain foreign concepts. With knowledge transfer, not only will these new employees learn the skills necessary from the proper source, but also be able to share knowledge with the next round of new employees. Solvepath can be used as a helpful tool in this process. Solvepath has a continually updating massive question and answer database and also lets employees find information through existing company data sources. With these features, employees can learn from other employee’s experiences as well as avoid wasting critical time by asking redundant questions. Solvepath helps quickly and accurately answer questions from relevant sources instead of using the time and energy of the HR department.

For HR and upper management, knowledge transfer is always important but is especially important in a fast growing company. Senexx’s Solvepath provides the means to succeed in this knowledge transfer.