Feb 05
Ariel Kosacoff

El conocimiento, ¿puede ayudar al desarrollo de los países?

En la era de la economía del conocimiento, donde el conocimiento es la clave que determina la competitividad, es deseable distribuir uniformemente el conocimiento entre y a través de las sociedades para que pueda existir intercambio y cooperación. El reporte … Continue reading

Feb 04
Ariel Kosacoff

Can Knowledge Management help countries’ development?

In the era of the knowledge economy, where knowledge is the key determinant of competitiveness, it is desirable to evenly distribute knowledge within and across societies so that trade and cooperation may take place. UNESCO’s report ‘Towards Knowledge Societies” studies … Continue reading

Feb 03
Ariel Kosacoff

Extrapolation can take you everywhere

A few days ago, two researchers from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University published an article stating that “Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017”. Their … Continue reading

Jan 28
Ariel Kosacoff

La extrapolación puede llevarte a donde quieras

Hace unos días, dos investigadores del Departamento de ingeniería mecánica y aeroespacial de la Universidad de Princeton, Estados Unidos, publicaron un artículo en el cual exponen que “Facebook sufrirá un rápido decaimiento en los próximos años” ya que “entre el 2015 y 2017 … Continue reading

Jan 27
Roger Dimant

How long does it take to find the answer to a question?

You are working on a project, and you realize that you do not have a piece of information that you need. So you enter your company’s various platforms to search for the data you need. Maybe you even email one … Continue reading

Jan 21
Yonina Eisenberg

Three Key Mindsets to Help Your Social Business Network Succeed

Launching a social business network within your company is difficult. If you are struggling to make your social business network a success, it may not be because the network itself is faulty; rather, social tools present an entirely different way … Continue reading

Jan 16
Yonina Eisenberg

Some Words of Wisdom about Knowledge Management

What is knowledge? What exactly is knowledge management? What does knowledge management do for your company? What is the general point? These are all valid questions – the term ‘knowledge management’ is a bit obscure. To provide a few answers, … Continue reading

Jan 13
Yonina Eisenberg

Senexx Named a “Key Innovator” in Research and Markets Report

PRLog (Press Release) – January 13, 2014 – Senexx SolvePath, the prominent question and answer platform, is proud to announce that they have been included in the list of ‘Key Innovators’ in Research and Markets “Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market … Continue reading

Jan 09
Yonina Eisenberg

A Recipe for Knowledge

Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, knowledge automation…these are delicious terms that many companies want to incorporate into their everyday lives. Sometimes, though, these knowledge goods are not well done and we end up getting the tasteless versions that are not nearly … Continue reading

Dec 30
Yonina Eisenberg

The Impending Extinction of Stand-Alone Collaboration Tools

In the past year, we have seen more and more businesses adopting social business and collaboration tools. However, according to an interview last week in which he shared his predictions for the corporate work environment in 2014, Zeevi Michel believes … Continue reading