Dec 26
Yonina Eisenberg

Nine LinkedIn Groups that will Help You Manage Your Knowledge

Knowing how to manage your company’s knowledge is vital to corporate success. Workers need to be able to easily find information within their organizations in order to be productive, efficient, and overall good employees. However, knowledge management is not an … Continue reading

Dec 23
Yonina Eisenberg

Five Predictions for the Corporate Work Environment in 2014

“If you remember the sci-fi movies that have some kind of a big master computer that can answer everything and help you, we’re actually much closer to that scenario now than we were a year ago.” – Zeevi Michel, CEO … Continue reading

Dec 16
Yonina Eisenberg

Six Ways Knowledge Automation Supports YOU!

Every day you need to search for information to help you do your job. However, this is a difficult task to do alone. That is why a knowledge automation system, like Senexx SolvePath, is an essential component to your company: … Continue reading

Dec 09
Yonina Eisenberg

Nine Twitter Pages to Follow if You Care About Social Business Networks

About a month ago, we compiled a list of ten Twitter pages you should follow if you care about knowledge management. For our next installment, we are focusing on a separate, but related topic: social business networks. Here are several … Continue reading

Dec 02
Yonina Eisenberg

Out with the Old and In with the New: How Senexx SolvePath Does It Better

A couple weeks ago, we stated that it is time to say goodbye to LISTSERV. We believe that email is simply no longer the most effective communication tool within the office, and it is certainly not conducive to employee collaboration. … Continue reading

Nov 25
Yonina Eisenberg

Three Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Enterprise Social Network

An enterprise social network should be a forum in which colleagues can freely communicate and collaborate. However, sometimes it is a struggle to get employees to engage with the platform, in which case you might as well take social out … Continue reading

Nov 18
Yonina Eisenberg

The Battle between the Traditional Intranet and the Enterprise Social Network

In today’s world, many companies are introducing social tools on their once traditional intranets. However, a recent CMS Wire article argues that simply adding social tools to an intranet does not qualify as implementing an enterprise social network, because these … Continue reading

Nov 14
Yonina Eisenberg

Say Goodbye to LISTSERV

Many companies today use LISTERV, the email list management software. LISTERV manages email blasts for announcements, newsletters, group discussions, and more. However, there has been a lot of discussion lately around the fact that email is no longer the most … Continue reading

Nov 11
Yonina Eisenberg

Eight LinkedIn Groups that will Teach You About Internal Communication

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: internal communication is an essential component to the success of every corporation. However, it is not always easy to practice internal communication successfully. Here are eight LinkedIn groups that can help … Continue reading

Nov 07
Yonina Eisenberg

10 Twitter Pages to Follow if You Care About Knowledge Management

Twitter is arguably the most fast-paced social network in existence, making it a great tool through which to get the latest news and updates in virtually any industry. For anyone interested in what is going on in the knowledge management … Continue reading