Nov 04
Yonina Eisenberg

Why You and Your Business Should Care About Semantic Search Capabilities

With today’s semantic search capabilities, it is amazing to think that keywords were once the main method through which online search engines looked for information. Keyword searches simply find documents and websites that contain the search word. Even with ranking … Continue reading

Oct 31
Yonina Eisenberg

How to Overcome the Challenges of Leveraging Employee Expertise

Companies are made up of smart people who are brimming with expert knowledge. Yet, when it comes to searching for information, we often don’t turn to the amazing resources that are at our fingertips everyday: our coworkers. As Gartner explains … Continue reading

Oct 28
Yonina Eisenberg

Three Ways We Waste Time at Work

We all know the feeling of having an unproductive day at work. All of a sudden it’s five in the afternoon and you realize that you’ve only accomplished two things on your long to-do list. Where does all the time … Continue reading

Oct 24
Yonina Eisenberg

Introducing Groups and Three Other New Capabilities on SolvePath

At Senexx, we are constantly working to improve our software. We recently introduced a few new features to make SolvePath more powerful, effective, and versatile. Create Groups You now have the ability to form groups on SolvePath, which allows you … Continue reading

Oct 21
Yonina Eisenberg

Four Ways an Internal Social Business Network Can Benefit Your Company

Everything is going social these days – especially business. Internal social business networks can really help make your day at the office more efficient, productive, and pleasant. Here are four ways in which these collaboration tools can benefit you and … Continue reading

Oct 14
Yonina Eisenberg

Are You Ready to Manage Your Company’s Big Data?

You’ve probably heard about big data – it’s a term that people are throwing around a lot these days to refer to the huge amount, diversity, and complexity of information that you  produce every day in a mix of structured … Continue reading

Oct 10
Yonina Eisenberg

What is Internal Communication?

Internal communication is an essential component to the success of every corporation. Without it, no one would know what goes on in various departments of the company and employees would not be able to perform their jobs effectively. A basic … Continue reading

Oct 07
Yonina Eisenberg

SolvePath Helps You Manage Knowledge in Four Easy Steps

What are the four steps that allow Senexx SolvePath to help you easily manage your company’s knowledge? First, any member of the organization who has a question or inquiry can go to the web platform or email interface and upload/type … Continue reading

Oct 02

Como Solvepath te ayuda a manejar la GCD de tu organización.

Esta tarea se lleva a cabo en 4 pasos. El miembro de la organización que tiene una duda o pregunta ingresa a la plataforma de solvepath e introduce su duda el programa automáticamente identifica el tema correspondientes a la pregunta … Continue reading