Nov 19
Alex Dutch-Greene

Promoting Knowledge Sharing Within Your Organization

Encourage knowledge sharing within your company!

Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of a successful business. For most Senexx customers, it is crucial to create a work environment that permits widespread collaboration. A good information-exchange culture in the workplace provides a steady flow of ideas that build on … Continue reading

Sep 04
Zeevi Michel

The Next Social Enterprise Application And Who Will Bring Us There

Yes — it’s the time to be social inside the enterprise. In the past couple of years we see more and more companies adopting different social elements to their stack of software to be used by different departments. It’s no … Continue reading

Apr 24
Julia French

Senexx to Partner with Yammer

Enables Employees to Identify Organizational Expertise and Work Together, Faster SAN FRANCISCO - (April 24, 2012) - Senexx, the enterprise expertise engine, today announced a partnership  with  Yammer, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Social Networks.  The partnership will include an integration … Continue reading

Mar 19
Zeevi Michel

The Future of Knowledge-Management

For years, people have been searching for the answers to these questions: “Is the current form of Knowledge-Management enough? Does it fill it original purpose?” Nowadays, Knowledge-Management is highly concentrated in connecting people to documents. Tools like Microsoft SharePoint, and newcomers … Continue reading

Jan 30
Zeevi Michel

Enterprise Q&A – the first social initiative within an organization

I’ve recently come across two great papers which I feel that every executive should know about and read. The first paper was written by Andrew McAfee who coined the phrase “Enterprise 2.0″ and the AIIM organization “When Social Meets Business … Continue reading

Jan 09
Zeevi Michel

Expert Finding – Science but not Fiction

For years we have been hearing about Knowledge management and collaboration and recently about Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Q&A software. Wonderful companies have emerged like Jive (with its recent IPO) and NewsGator and off course Microsoft SharePoint and many more. But with the same … Continue reading