Finding an Internal Expert

An inability to leverage company knowledge cost fortune 500 companies 12 billion dollars annually. This presentation reviews internal expert search, an overlooked component of this problem and why 76 percent of searches are not very effective.

Knowledge Transfer with a Language Barrier 

As companies continue to become increasingly multinational, language barriers have become more of problem in business communication. This presentation describes how companies can transfer knowledge effectively by not forcing employees to use their non-native language.

Business Lessons from NSA’s “Ask Amy”

The Edward Snowden leak revealed the NSA had their own version of “Ask Amy” called “Ask Zelda” where employees could anonymously write into “Zelda” with personal workplace questions. The popular column helps to show companies need a place to share their problems. This Infographic describes how businesses can build off certain aspects of “Ask Zelda” to increase productivity.  

New Social Player: The Prosumer

An Infographic about the role of the prosumer, the new social  player. You will find some interesting statistics about the online content shared in social networks and the question raised: How does this influence our work productivity?

It’s a Small World After All

This infographic is about Collaboration Tools and how they work today in multicultural and multinational businesses. Do you need to improve the Collaboration Environment of your business?

Natural Language Processing

Infographic about how Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help overcome channel noise.

Value of Accessing Information

View this presentation about how inefficient knowledge management can affect your productivity.

Knowledge Automation Software

Why you should use knowledge automation software instead of email list management software.

Using Social Tools as Educational Resources

Learn how Twitter and Linkedin can make you a better Knowledge Manager.

Five Predictions for the corporate Work Environment in 2014

Stay ahead of the curve by learning how our work environment will evolve in the next year.