Yonina Eisenberg

Six Ways Knowledge Automation Supports YOU!

Every day you need to search for information to help you do your job. However, this is a difficult task to do alone. That is why a knowledge automation system, like Senexx SolvePath, is an essential component to your company: it helps you find the information that you need to do your work effectively and efficiently.

Here’s how a knowledge automation system like Senexx SolvePath can support you and help your company achieve its business goals:

1. Sales and Pre-Sales

SolvePath accelerates your sales cycle by giving your sales and pre-sales teams access to information that helps them answer prospects’ questions and respond to RFPs with more speed and accuracy than your competitors. SolvePath allows you to close more deals giving these teams access to up-to-date information regarding customer references in specific industries, answers to RFP questions, internal experts who can answer technical inquiries, and the most qualified resources with whom to connect prospects.

2. IT

SolvePath can take care of first tier support by tapping into existing data. With SolvePath, colleagues and customers in need of simple assistance have access to a user-friendly platform that sends out answers quickly. This way, you can resolve problems before opening support tickets, keeping your IT department’s workload manageable and allowing them to focus their time and resources on solving more complex problems.

3. Support

SolvePath leverages key systems to improve the average response time to support tickets. This way, you can broadcast ticketing-system questions to a larger audience, quickly identify experts who can resolve tough tickets, use semantic search capabilities to quickly find related questions, and import tickets from your ticketing system to maintain an editable bank of solutions.

4. Professional Services

SolvePath can facilitate your consultants’ responses to business requirements and grant them easy access to previously answered questions by storing answers to important technical inquiries in one searchable and editable place. SolvePath can also enhance collaboration between geographically dispersed teams and help them stay up-to-date with product releases and industry trends.

5. Business Partners

SolvePath can act as an inter-company question and answer platform. SolvePath helps accomplish and increase your entire corporate eco-system’s end-goal by giving employees across collaborating companies an easy way to communicate with one another, providing access important information, and identifying relevant experts.

6. Expert Communities

With SolvePath, companies can create online forums around specific areas of expertise in which anyone can ask relevant questions and receive accurate answers from topic experts. This creates more visibility for your company and can generate more leads and revenue.

Senexx SolvePath manages your company’s knowledge by leveraging its existing data; identifying related topics and experts; storing company data, questions, and answers in the cloud; organizing content in a variety of ways; and providing an easy way to search company content. As such, SolvePath can greatly increase your company’s employee and customer satisfaction, sales, and overall success. Keep everyone as happy as possible by supporting yourself, your colleagues, you customers, and your company with an excellent knowledge automation system!