Oct 02

Como Solvepath te ayuda a manejar la GCD de tu organización.

Esta tarea se lleva a cabo en 4 pasos. El miembro de la organización que tiene una duda o pregunta ingresa a la plataforma de solvepath e introduce su duda el programa automáticamente identifica el tema correspondientes a la pregunta … Continue reading

Dec 03
Alex Dutch-Greene

How to Break Through the Organizational Hierarchy

Companies with traditional organizational models – such as where a hierarchy is in place and all members of the company are subordinate to a single other person – are starting to adopt less traditional “flat” organizational hierarchies. According to a … Continue reading

Nov 29
Alex Dutch-Greene

Changing the Scope of Work: Motivating Knowledge Sharing

A company should always aim to create a positive culture of knowledge sharing. This includes opening up communication channels and implementing a system that encourages employees to feel like they can naturally share ideas. Still, once this knowledge sharing environment … Continue reading

Nov 27
Meenal Shukla

Best Practices on How to Prevent Killing Your Company’s Ability to Innovate

Collaboration of ideas

The Darwinian truth about the most “adaptable” being the survivors is truer now, than it has ever been in the corporate history. The phrase “Innovate like a startup” is no more the management jargon it used to be. It has … Continue reading

Nov 19
Alex Dutch-Greene

Promoting Knowledge Sharing Within Your Organization

Encourage knowledge sharing within your company!

Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of a successful business. For most Senexx customers, it is crucial to create a work environment that permits widespread collaboration. A good information-exchange culture in the workplace provides a steady flow of ideas that build on … Continue reading

Sep 04
Zeevi Michel

The Next Social Enterprise Application And Who Will Bring Us There

Yes — it’s the time to be social inside the enterprise. In the past couple of years we see more and more companies adopting different social elements to their stack of software to be used by different departments. It’s no … Continue reading