Apr 10
Josh Breiger

Sales Knowledge Management: Increasing Search Efficiency

Finding relevant information is a big problem for the Sales department. Almost 9 out of 10 (89 percent) of Sales reps miss opportunities because they can’t keep up with prospect information according to a survey conducted by CSO Insights. Clearly … Continue reading

Feb 10
Roger Dimant

Today’s job with yesterday’s tools

We are deep into the 21st century. Over the years, the way of working changed considerably and in 2014 is going to keep changing. Why wouldn’t it? The traditional work model was top down (one way) and centralized. Someone, the Project … Continue reading

Oct 24
Yonina Eisenberg

Introducing Groups and Three Other New Capabilities on SolvePath

At Senexx, we are constantly working to improve our software. We recently introduced a few new features to make SolvePath more powerful, effective, and versatile. Create Groups You now have the ability to form groups on SolvePath, which allows you … Continue reading

Sep 22

Conocimiento formal e informal en las organizaciones.

Dentro de las organizaciones se dan dos fenómenos en cuanto a la información que circula dentro de ellas, uno de ellos se denomina conocimiento formal que a grandes rasgos es aquel que se distribuye desde los líderes de una organización … Continue reading

Jul 31
Jared Root

Do you know what your Workers are Struggling with at the Moment?

As a manager, either high level or low level, your role is to insure that your workers are successfully and efficiently completing the tasks assigned to them.  In order to do this managers must guide workers and enhance overall communication … Continue reading

Jun 06

A Gestão de Conhecimento do Futuro

Pessoas estão procurando respostas para perguntas como: “A forma atual de gestão de conhecimento é suficiente? Ela preenche seu motivo original?” Hoje em dia, gestão de conhecimento está altamente concentrado em conectar pessoas à documentos”. Ferramentas como o Microsoft SharePoint, … Continue reading

Jun 06

Empreendimento de Perguntas e Respostas e Negócios Sociais: Decisões, Decisões!

Uma organização sempre deve criar oportunidades para funcionários e chefes compartilharem informações livremente, criando soluções constantemente presentes. Um artigo anterior chamado, “Empreendimento de perguntas e respostas: a primeira iniciativa social de uma organização”, discute empresas sociais de perguntas e respostas … Continue reading

Dec 20
Alex Dutch-Greene

Enterprise Q&A and Social Business: Decisions, Decisions!

An organization should always create opportunities for employees and employers to share information freely, making solutions constantly available. A previous blog titled, “Enterprise Q&A – the first social initiative within an organization,” discusses social enterprise Q&A functionality. Q&A communities and … Continue reading