Dec 16
Yonina Eisenberg

Six Ways Knowledge Automation Supports YOU!

Every day you need to search for information to help you do your job. However, this is a difficult task to do alone. That is why a knowledge automation system, like Senexx SolvePath, is an essential component to your company: … Continue reading

Oct 07
Yonina Eisenberg

SolvePath Helps You Manage Knowledge in Four Easy Steps

What are the four steps that allow Senexx SolvePath to help you easily manage your company’s knowledge? First, any member of the organization who has a question or inquiry can go to the web platform or email interface and upload/type … Continue reading

Jul 31
Jared Root

Do you know what your Workers are Struggling with at the Moment?

As a manager, either high level or low level, your role is to insure that your workers are successfully and efficiently completing the tasks assigned to them.  In order to do this managers must guide workers and enhance overall communication … Continue reading

Jul 22
Jared Root

How to Measure Success in Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is not at all directly quantitative and thus it is quite hard to measure aside from using “judgments”. However, just because there is no particular science as to how this can be monitored, this cannot be neglected. Humans … Continue reading

Jun 26
Jared Root

Make the Switch to a Q&A program; Time will be saved

Question and answer platforms are the future. Time is saved at low costs; it does not get much better than that. Before continuing on with this article think to yourself about these questions: How often do you find yourself searching … Continue reading

Jun 06

Empreendimento de Perguntas e Respostas e Negócios Sociais: Decisões, Decisões!

Uma organização sempre deve criar oportunidades para funcionários e chefes compartilharem informações livremente, criando soluções constantemente presentes. Um artigo anterior chamado, “Empreendimento de perguntas e respostas: a primeira iniciativa social de uma organização”, discute empresas sociais de perguntas e respostas … Continue reading