Jun 17
Josh Breiger

Three Overlooked Problems in Enterprise Social Network Adoption

The fact that eighty percent of social business efforts will not achieve their intended benefits is a clear sign that there is much room for improvement. Although there are many reasons determining if enterprise social networks will ultimately have a successful … Continue reading

Jan 27
Roger Dimant

How long does it take to find the answer to a question?

You are working on a project, and you realize that you do not have a piece of information that you need. So you enter your company’s various platforms to search for the data you need. Maybe you even email one … Continue reading

Jan 21
Yonina Eisenberg

Three Key Mindsets to Help Your Social Business Network Succeed

Launching a social business network within your company is difficult. If you are struggling to make your social business network a success, it may not be because the network itself is faulty; rather, social tools present an entirely different way … Continue reading

Dec 23
Yonina Eisenberg

Five Predictions for the Corporate Work Environment in 2014

“If you remember the sci-fi movies that have some kind of a big master computer that can answer everything and help you, we’re actually much closer to that scenario now than we were a year ago.” – Zeevi Michel, CEO … Continue reading

Dec 09
Yonina Eisenberg

Nine Twitter Pages to Follow if You Care About Social Business Networks

About a month ago, we compiled a list of ten Twitter pages you should follow if you care about knowledge management. For our next installment, we are focusing on a separate, but related topic: social business networks. Here are several … Continue reading

Nov 18
Yonina Eisenberg

The Battle between the Traditional Intranet and the Enterprise Social Network

In today’s world, many companies are introducing social tools on their once traditional intranets. However, a recent CMS Wire article argues that simply adding social tools to an intranet does not qualify as implementing an enterprise social network, because these … Continue reading

Nov 14
Yonina Eisenberg

Say Goodbye to LISTSERV

Many companies today use LISTERV, the email list management software. LISTERV manages email blasts for announcements, newsletters, group discussions, and more. However, there has been a lot of discussion lately around the fact that email is no longer the most … Continue reading

Oct 10
Yonina Eisenberg

What is Internal Communication?

Internal communication is an essential component to the success of every corporation. Without it, no one would know what goes on in various departments of the company and employees would not be able to perform their jobs effectively. A basic … Continue reading

Jul 15
Zeevi Michel

Senexx Inc. named one of the Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies by CIOReview

PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 15, 2013 - PALO ALTO, Calif. – Senexx, the prominent enterprise question and answer platform, is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of the ten Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies by CIOReview Magazine. CIOReview mentioned a few … Continue reading

Jun 26
Jared Root

Make the Switch to a Q&A program; Time will be saved

Question and answer platforms are the future. Time is saved at low costs; it does not get much better than that. Before continuing on with this article think to yourself about these questions: How often do you find yourself searching … Continue reading