Mar 19
Josh Breiger

Business Lessons From NSA’s “Ask Amy”

Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the NSA. But not for why you might suspect. Through the Edward Snowden leaks, it was revealed that the NSA had their own version of “Ask Amy” called “Ask Zelda.” Employees of … Continue reading

Dec 23
Yonina Eisenberg

Five Predictions for the Corporate Work Environment in 2014

“If you remember the sci-fi movies that have some kind of a big master computer that can answer everything and help you, we’re actually much closer to that scenario now than we were a year ago.” – Zeevi Michel, CEO … Continue reading

Dec 09
Yonina Eisenberg

Nine Twitter Pages to Follow if You Care About Social Business Networks

About a month ago, we compiled a list of ten Twitter pages you should follow if you care about knowledge management. For our next installment, we are focusing on a separate, but related topic: social business networks. Here are several … Continue reading

Oct 21
Yonina Eisenberg

Four Ways an Internal Social Business Network Can Benefit Your Company

Everything is going social these days – especially business. Internal social business networks can really help make your day at the office more efficient, productive, and pleasant. Here are four ways in which these collaboration tools can benefit you and … Continue reading

Oct 07
Yonina Eisenberg

SolvePath Helps You Manage Knowledge in Four Easy Steps

What are the four steps that allow Senexx SolvePath to help you easily manage your company’s knowledge? First, any member of the organization who has a question or inquiry can go to the web platform or email interface and upload/type … Continue reading

Oct 02

Como Solvepath te ayuda a manejar la GCD de tu organización.

Esta tarea se lleva a cabo en 4 pasos. El miembro de la organización que tiene una duda o pregunta ingresa a la plataforma de solvepath e introduce su duda el programa automáticamente identifica el tema correspondientes a la pregunta … Continue reading

Jun 27
Jason Shechtman

Announcing 4 New Features On SolvePath

When new software is released, there are always adjustments you can make to improve it. At Senexx, we spend countless hours finding ways to improve our platform. Between the customer feedback, and our remarkable development crew, we have just released … Continue reading

Jun 20
Jason Shechtman

Why you Should Care About Real Time Tagging

If you use any social media website, I’m sure you’ve noticed people creating tags throughout their posts. Whether it be an irrelevant tag like when #peopleusefullsentencesfornoreason, which don’t amount to anything, or an actual relevant tag to try and notify … Continue reading

Jun 06

A Gestão de Conhecimento do Futuro

Pessoas estão procurando respostas para perguntas como: “A forma atual de gestão de conhecimento é suficiente? Ela preenche seu motivo original?” Hoje em dia, gestão de conhecimento está altamente concentrado em conectar pessoas à documentos”. Ferramentas como o Microsoft SharePoint, … Continue reading

Jun 06

Empreendimento de Perguntas e Respostas e Negócios Sociais: Decisões, Decisões!

Uma organização sempre deve criar oportunidades para funcionários e chefes compartilharem informações livremente, criando soluções constantemente presentes. Um artigo anterior chamado, “Empreendimento de perguntas e respostas: a primeira iniciativa social de uma organização”, discute empresas sociais de perguntas e respostas … Continue reading