Yonina Eisenberg

Three Key Mindsets to Help Your Social Business Network Succeed

Launching a social business network within your company is difficult. If you are struggling to make your social business network a success, it may not be because the network itself is faulty; rather, social tools present an entirely different way of working. Therefore, successful implementation of a social business network requires a mental, habitual, and cultural change in the office. To make the shift to a social business network easier and more successful, here are a few important things to remember:

1. Technology Cannot Solve Everything

There is no denying that technology is helpful. However, it is naïve to think that technology alone can solve everything. In order to make any impact whatsoever, the technology needs support and engagement from the people within the company. As already mentioned, using social business tools demands a shift in office culture, and it is this change that can make the technology successful.

2. You Will Save Time in the Long Run

You have to learn the new system. Yes, this will eat up a little bit of your time at first. However, if you take the time to acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of the platform, then it will save you and your colleagues an immense amount of time in the future.

3. Others Can Benefit from Your Information

Having an internal social business network does not mean that you should stop conversing with coworkers in-person. However, within personal interactions only those involved in the conversation have access to the transmitted information. Therefore, you should also share that information on your social business network, because chances are that others need the information, too. While this seemingly consumes more of your time, having a data-rich social business network will eventually save time.

In the end, successfully implementing a social business network boils down to adopting a mindset of engagement. Your company could have the best social business network in existence from a technological standpoint, but it will be entirely useless unless you and your colleagues actually use it. However, in order to use it and change the way you work, you must first change the way that you and your colleagues think about doing work.