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See how SolvePath compares to social business networks

SolvePath makes sure that you get the information you need without becoming overwhelmed.

The SolvePath Difference Their Way

The Platform

SolvePath provides a more tapered platform than social business networks: we focus on getting you exactly the information that you need so that you can get work done without any distractions Social business networks often have too many bells and whistles, which can lead to confusion and information overload

See how SolvePath compares to other question and answer services

SolvePath helps you find the answers you’re looking for quickly, easily, and accurately.

The SolvePath Difference Their Way

Find Answers

SolvePath searches previous questions and answers and then identifies and notifies topic experts if it could not find the information you need When an employee asks a question, other Q&A services merely upload the question to the platform, resulting in duplicate questions and long wait times for answers

Locate Experts

SolvePath learns about your company’s employees by integrating with existing company data and syncing with LinkedIn in order to point you in the direction of topic experts Other Q&A services cannot tell you where to turn for help if they cannot find the answer to your question

Answer Questions

SolvePath identifies experts and sends the question directly to their inboxes; an expert can then provide an answer by simply replying to the email With other Q&A services you have to monitor the question activity so that you can speak up if and when you have an answer

Trust Answers

Since SolvePath identifies and directly notifies experts and allows you to create a customized workflow, so your questions are more likely to receive accurate and helpful answers from the very beginning Other Q&A services allow anyone to answer questions, regardless of their experience and expertise

Access Information

SolvePath integrates with social business tools in order to access more company data and learn about employees so that you don’t have to wait or rely on hope for high quality answers Other Q&A services integrate with internal social business tools to merely expand your question’s audience in the hope that someone will see it and respond

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SolvePath provides you and your company with a more effective and efficient communication tool.

The SolvePath Difference The Email Way

Get Answers

When you ask a question in SolvePath, the platform immediately supplies you with an answer or automatically notifies only relevant experts, thereby significantly reducing your wait time; you can even complete the entire process from your email When you ask a specific person a question, only the two of you have access to the answer; when you are not sure who to ask and therefore send a question to a mailing list (mostly consisting of people who will not know the answer), you are simply spamming your coworkers’ inboxes and increasing the time it will take to receive a helpful answer

Find Information

SolvePath uses semantic search capabilities to quickly and accurately find the most relevant information Email runs keyword searches in your inbox, most likely resulting in a large amount of non-specific findings

Access Information

Employees have access to all of the information stored in SolvePath (with a few customized exceptions) You must directly receive an email in order access the information it contains

Organize Content

SolvePath automatically tags questions and answers with relevant topics, and you can view content according to a variety of filters You can sort emails into different folders, but you cannot do much beyond that to keep your inbox organized

Communicate and Collaborate

Information on SolvePath always comes in bite-size pieces that are easily searchable and navigable Forwarding messages and repeatedly hitting ‘reply all’ create long chains of emails that are impossible to navigate
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“When we began to understand SolvePath, we immediately began to recognize its much stronger potential to connect people with questions to verified and identified experts that would yield a response directly and specifically relevant to them”
Patrick Houston, Founder and Principal, Media Architects

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