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  • Real Time Search

    SolvePath uses real time search capabilities so that you receive answers as quickly as possible

  • Expert Finder

    Find an expert by searching a topic, skill, or expertise

  • Activity Feed

    See what your colleagues are up to on SolvePath other than asking and answering questions

  • Search

    Use the search box to look for questions, topics, or people

  • People Search

    Find a colleague by searching their name or email address

  • Natural Language Processing

    SolvePath uses NLP technology and semantic search to quickly provide relevant and accurate search results

  • Related Questions

    When you ask a question, SolvePath will first display similar questions in a sidebar to simplify your search experienceana

  • Automatic Expertise Builder

    SolvePath learns about your skills and expertise through NLP technology, unstructured data analysis, and by syncing with your LinkedIn and Yammer profiles

  • Importing Data

    SolvePath imports information from your company’s existing data sources to populate the system with previous questions and answers and to build employee profiles

  • Choose the Right Level of Notifications

    Decide when you would or would not like to receive email notifications

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What customers are saying about Senexx

“We were happily surprised by Senexx’s commitment to our goals. I would recommend SolvePath for other companies to use for its service alone – and the product is also great.”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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