Manage the Platform

  • Analytics

    Keep track of your company’s platform metrics on the analytics dashboard

  • User Management

    Control which users can interact with the system and how they can do so

  • Permissions

    Control who can see what data, particularly when it comes to groups

  • User Type

    Designate users as administrators, managers, or regular users

  • Moderation

    Depending on the user type, users may have the ability to change data that they did not post themselves

  • Data Export

    You own your data in SolvePath, so you can always export data to other formats

  • Alerts

    Receive notifications within SolvePath about relevant activity

  • Custom Network Branding

    Customize the look and feel of the platform to match your company

  • Email Settings

    Customize the company address from which the email notifications will come

  • Rest API

    Most of SolvePath’s features are exposed through our Rest API

  • Trending Topics

    Keep track of which topics employees are talking about the most

  • Leaderboards

    Keep track of the community’s top contributors and influencers

  • Groups

    Create a small forum for a specific topic and set of colleagues

  • Teams

    Create a feed for a specific set of colleagues who work together or have a similar knowledge base

Other Features

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“The fact that it has email an email integration is a big selling functionality point for us.”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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